Monday, November 21, 2011


I've made a tumblr, mainly so that I can post random screenshots of my Sims. I have a ton of Cammie I've just been dying to show off but really have no place to do so.

Tumblr link is here. If you do the tumblr thing, now you know where to find me!
If not, you should! It's actually quite fun and another way to connect with other Simmers.

In other news, Art of Editing Assignment two is CLOSED and judging is in progress. Currently waiting on Ash's scores- so if you're reading this, GET ON THAT, MISSY.

Hahah, but Assignment three should be up soon. I'm super pleased with how everyone has been doing so far! It makes me happy to know that we're helping the next generation of editors.
It's so exciting!

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