Sunday, November 13, 2011

EA = Electronic Annoyances, otherwise titled: My Adventure in Glitch-Land

I love my Sims Game, I REALLY do. Despite having a ton of mods and cc (over one thousand files total between 800 Package files and at least 1000 Sims3Packs), my game has never run incredibly slowly, lagged, or glitched up on me.

Until today.

I got that lovely little message pictured above when I tried to run my launcher.

At first, I freaked out only a little bit. Lots of people's launchers die on them. No biggie. I could work around it.
Pop open my program files, get to the .exe file, and run it.

And didn't want to run.

Then, I freaked out, big time. I thought I would fall prey to a massive uninstall. My Late Night is a digidownload on an ex's EA account, which I have no desire to try to get into to get my game.
I also am disorganized and have no idea where most of my disks are, and don't want to nor have the money to be able to buy all my expansions again.

In addition, I thought I would be losing the Sims I've fallen in love with over the course of my game play. The idea of having to reinstall SO MUCH CC was enough on it's own to cause my brain to go into red alert mode.

Nothing had really changed from the time I was able to run my game to the time when it decided that it was going to try to scare me to death. I did install more cc- but it was maybe one pose package.
Nothing for the game to murder itself over.

The little error message told me to check my log. And so I did. And of course, I didn't understand a darn thing in it.

So I thought to remove my packages and sims3packs. Didn't help. I restarted the computer, because that is the tried-and-true solution for any technical glitch.


Panic panic panic.

Then I checked out the forums. I found this, and this, and then this (which is an EXCELLENT help blog, by the way, even though it didn't really help me- but I'm getting to that.)

Update video card. Delete a certain file. Etc.

I tried everything, and my launcher still taunted me. "Nuh hunh, not gonna work fer yew!"

Finally, since deleting the ONE cache file seemed to help everyone else, I decided to just delete ALL the cache files.
After all, at this point, it couldn't hurt anything.

AND BINGO. Launcher decided to be nice to me again.

Insert monumentally huge sigh of relief here.

I now have some tiny understanding for the people who encounter EA glitches, and hope to never be one of them again.

-shakes fist at EA- WRY U DO DIS?

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